An app that allows you to build, design, and create your own skatepark.

Meet Dream Park Builder.


It’s Simple. Drag & Drop.

Dream Park Builder is a skatepark creator & designer app that simply gives you the tools to drag and drop unlimited ramps into your own imaginary skate park.

Version 1 is two-dimensional and VERY simple… No ramp rotation and no snapping, simply DRAG AND DROP tons of sickkkk ramp pieces. That is all. Take a screenshot & share.


Hundreds of Pieces

Choose from nearly 200 unique park pieces including step up box jumps, bowl corners, stair sets, rainbow rails, vert ramps, loops, foam & resi, and much more. You can even add palm trees to your park. Take a finished screenshot when you are done to save and share with family and friends.


Built For All

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, Android phones and tablets, design your parks anywhere.
Nearly 200 unique park pieces to build with
Layer ramps on top of each other, build ramps on top of ramps
Screenshot Tool will hide all tools so you can manually take a screenshot and share with friends
Sound Effects & Music (iOS Only)
Compatible with iPad and Android Tablets as well for more build space

Parks Built

Hashtag #DREAMPARKBUILDER on Instagram to post yours.

Whether you ride a skateboard, bmx bike, inline, or scooter, you know you can come up with some sick courses & layouts. Download this app on a tablet for maximum screen and build space. Contact us for adding more ramp options, and share your builds online to help support the next version of #DREAMPARKBUILDER.

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Where can I download the app?
iOS, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad:
Android Phones & Tablets:
Windows 8 Phone: Available Soon

Why does the app cost $1?
Because I need to eat!! I’ve spend 8 months working on this. All of my apps have been free in the past, however I have so many ideas for new skatepark type of apps that I’d love to be able to afford to keep making more apps, and by all of us each chipping in $1 for an app it’ll help make future updates, new versions, and more skatepark apps much more possible. Thank you for the support, any ratings & comments on the App Stores are greatly appreciated. Spread the word:))

How can I take a screenshot of my build to share it?
Click the screenshot button in the upper right hand corner of the screen, it will simply hide all of the tools so you can take a clean screenshot of your build. Share online via Facebook Instagram or Twitter and hashtag #DREAMPARKBUILDER

Can I rotate the ramps?
Not in this version, the point of this first version is to keep things simple and to see if you like the general idea, then we can keep adding new features.

I am sick of the music & sound effects.
Turn down your volume or put your phone on vibrate mode.

You are missing some ramps! Can you add more?
Of course! Shoot me a message & I’ll see what I can do!

How can I clear the entire build area and start fresh?
Touch the Trash Icon by itself and you will see a pop up that asks if you’d like to “Clear All Pieces” Yes or No. Boom Baby.

I am having trouble lining up the pieces, can you add snapping?
I certainly can in a future version! However for now, check this out: Most smart phone General Settings have an “Accessibility Zoom” feature that allow you to zoom in and out on any app on your phone. This will allow you to zoom close into any area of your build and give you more finger space to line ramps up perfectly. Turn this feature on via iPhone here:

Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
You can find our Privacy Policy here.

Version Updates
Version 1.1 – Released 10/10/2014
Ramp Categories, Clear All Pieces, Park Profile, Cleaner Interface

Version 1.0 – Released 8/21/2014
Drag & Drop Ramps, Trash Pieces, Screenshot Tool